Editing Text, Images and Logo

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In the Flash Options panel, you will notice that you can change your Flash menu's Title, Baseline and Logo Image. After typing in your Title and Baseline text, you can then select the button next to each of them and change the look of the Font Options and Font Color.

Menu Information

Step 2.2.1 - Menu Information

Editing Title

Step 2.2.2 - Editing Title

To change the logo image, simply select the button closest to the Logo Image box and use the popup box to select one of A4MenuBuilder's pre-designed logos, or upload one of your own.

Editing Logo Image

Step 2.2.3 - Editing Logo Image

After you have modify each option, you can see the changes you have made on the Flash Preview Area immediately.

You could also adjust the position of your logo, title, description and music on/off by selecting the appropriate item. Then, by using the guidelines on the left hand side and bottom of your Flash Preview Area, re-position the objects within the scope of the Flash heading's frame.

Preview Area

Step 2.2.4 - Preview Area