Flash Menu Icon Links

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There are 4 icons, namely Home, About Us, Products and Contact Us lining up vertically on the Flash Menu.

Icon Links

Step 2.6.1 - Icon Links

These icons can be modify by using the Icon Link Options button to the right of the Background button. A drop down menu appears which shows all the icon links. Select the one you would like to edit from the menu.

Icon Link Options button

Step 2.6.2 - Icon Link Options button

Once the IconLink Options window pops up, you will be able to change the link settings in the Icon Links Colors and the Icon Link Options. Under Icon Link Options, you can edit the Name, Target, Icon and the URL for each icon link to replace the default entries.

Icon Link Options

Step 2.6.3 - Icon Link Options

You can also edit the settings of other Icon Links under Select a Link to Edit. To delete some unuse Icon Links you can uncheck the Active check-boxes.

You can adjust the position of the Icon Links by selecting Icon Link on the Adjust column, by using the rulers on the left hand side and bottom of your template design.

Adjust Icon Links position

Step 2.6.4 - Adjust Icon Links position