Flash Menu Structure

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In the middle of your A4MenuBuilder, you will see the heading Menu Structure. Simply, select the menu you wish to change and click on the arrow on it's right hand side. You will then be able to Create Sub Menus, Edit your selected menu, or Remove the menu all together.

Menu Structure

Step 2.4.1 - Menu Structure

Add Menu

Step 2.4.2 - Add Menu

Edit Menu

Step 2.4.3 - Edit Menu

Create Menu Item

Step 2.4.4 - Create Menu Item

Edit Menu Item

Step 2.4.5 - Edit Menu Item

To adjust the position of your menu buttons, simply select Menu in the Adjust column, located below your Template Design, in the middle of your A4MenuBuilder screen. Then, by using the guidelines on the left hand side and bottom of your Template Design, re-position your menu within the scope of the Flash heading's frame. You can add a new menu by clicking the icon Add New Menu, located on the right side above the heading Menu Structure.

Adjust Menu Position

Step 2.4.6 - Adjust Menu Position