Uploading your New A4 Flash Menu

Download A4 Flash Menu Software

Once you have done this, you then select the pre-designated folder that you would like to save the files to and press the Save button. Now all you need to do is upload the HTML, SWF, XML and 'Flashmenu' folder (including some JPG and SWF files) files to your server, using your FTP program, make any final adjustments and your New A4 Flash Menu Web site is ready to go LIVE.

Step 3.2.1 - Published Files (Frame Pages)

Note: If you are unsure how to add content to your website, simply open the web page that you wish to add content to using your file manager program in your backend server panel. Using the HTML editor, simply add your content, images and web links and then select preview. Once you are happy with the adjustments you then select save and your changes will then be viewable online.